Virtual Study Abroad in Ireland

Images of County Donegal, Ireland

Due to new COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland, CGTC’s June 2021 study abroad trip has been cancelled. Please continue to monitor our web page for information regarding future study abroad opportunities.

Study Abroad Ireland – Virtually!


Earn academic credit!

HUMN 1101 Introduction to Humanities – 3 credit hours
Earned credits are transferrable to other 4-year institutions throughout Georgia.

Open to ALL students

  • Students must have successfully completed ENGL 1101 (or equivalent) in order to register for HUMN 1101.
  • Any student not currently enrolled with CGTC must apply for admission or transient status.
  • No additional cost–Standard tuition rates apply and costs can be covered by Financial Aid for eligible students.


Course delivery and topics

  • This unique online course will focus on Narratives on Ireland and offer the opportunity for a virtual study abroad.
  • The virtual study abroad component is offered via, the online campus platform of the Institute of Study Abroad Ireland.
  • A CGTC instructor will facilitate coursework and assessment.
  • Topics include Irish literature, women in Ireland, civil rights campaigns, Northern Ireland peace process, the global economy, cultural travel, advocacy and activism, and more.

    To Register for this course:

    • Apply and be regularly accepted as a CGTC student
    • Transient students must apply and complete the transient agreement
    • Speak with your advisor for course registration
    • Register for HUMN 1101 (CRN 51179)

    For more information: