Dropping and Withdrawing from Classes

Dropping and Withdrawing From Classes

Through the 3rd day of the term students may drop their courses they registered to take. Dropping a course is done through Banner Self-Service, the student database system. If you drop your course(s) by the 3rd day you have:

  • No academic penalty
  • No tuition or fee charges
  • No Financial Aid awarded

After the 3rd day of the term students not able to complete a course(s) must complete a Drop Classes Form online through the Student Portal. If you withdraw, be aware:

  • You are assigned a W for each course you withdraw.
  • Full Tuition and fees based on hours enrolled are charged – you are not given a refund for any tuition & fees according to state policy.
  • Title IV Financial Aid (Pell Grant, SEOG, etc.) will be prorated based on the amount of aid the student earned for the period the student was enrolled. Unearned Title IV aid will be returned to the Department of Education as required by Return to Title IV regulations.
  • The student will be responsible for paying the balance of tuition, fees and book charges not covered by the prorated Title IV and other aid received.

The above withdrawal process will also apply to those students who are dropped from all classes by the institution (administratively withdrawn) due to non-attendance based on the date the institution determines that the student stopped attending classes.