Future Online Students

Are you a good candidate for online instruction?

Central Georgia Technical College offers asynchronous online courses (everyone works when they have time) delivered through the Blackboard Learn Learning Management System.  Although some of our online courses may require periodic on-campus visits, synchronous sessions, or proctored assignments, most do not. For details on the requirements for a course, please contact the course instructor, program chair, or division head.

Online classes at CGTC allow you to arrange your course work around your own schedule.  With the exception of turning in assignments by the due date, your schedule is totally up to you. You can review lectures, ask questions, and participate in discussion groups at a time and from a place that is convenient for you.

Steps to Become an Online Student

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Self Assessment

Prior to registering for an online course, you should assess whether or not you are ready for online learning by completing the following:

To take full advantage of the interactivity of the courses, the following setup is recommended:

  • A personal computer with one of the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows OS, Windows 8 or above); Apple Mac OS 10.12 or above
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster; RAM: 2GB or higher; Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • An Internet connection speed of 1.5 Mbps or higher
  • A supported browsers: Chrome v63+; Firefox 57+ (Safari 12+ is supported, but not recommended; Microsoft Edge 42+ is supported, but not recommended)
  • Sound card and speakers (microphone may be needed for courses with synchronous class meetings – please contact your instructor for details)
  • Additional requirements including: supported browsers, a browser check, media downloads, and recommended software are located on the Blackboard Browser Support Site or the Blackboard Browser Check Site.

Do you have the necessary computer skills to complete an online course?

Basic Skills

  • Familiar with the operating system of the computer being used to access the Internet course
  • Understand terms such as mouse, drag, open, select, file, choose, double-click, download, upload, send, etc.
  • Save, copy and find files/folders on discs and hard drives
  • Navigate between two or more applications without closing and re-opening (multitasking)
  • Minimize/maximize Windows

Email Skills

  • Send, open, reply to, and forward a message
  • Enter a message subject
  • Send an attachment
  • Open and/or save an attachment

Web Browser Skills

  • Go to a specific URL
  • Print a page
  • Follow a hypertext link
  • Conduct a basic search using a search engine
  • Download and install plug-ins

Word Processor Skills

  • Open a new file
  • Open an existing file
  • Save a file
  • Rename a file (Save As)
  • Cut, paste, format text
  • Print a document
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Interested in enrolling in online classes?

Complete the application process through Admissions.
Once admitted, contact an advisor and register for classes.