Institutional Effectiveness Administration Staff

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is located in Building A, 3rd floor on the Macon Campus.
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CGTC – Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Building A, Third Floor
3300 Macon Tech Drive
Macon, GA 31206
(478) 757-3424


Deborah Josey Burks

Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
The Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness (VPIE) provides direction and oversight for contract and grants management, institutional and programmatic assessment and planning, institutional research and strategic planning initiatives. The VPIE serves as the college’s liaison to accreditation agencies. The VPIE oversees a comprehensive program of institutional research designed to support the mission of the college, to inform management decision-making, and to meet reporting requirements as mandated by state, federal, and other external agencies or as needed by stakeholders. Ms. Burks holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration: Educational Leadership from Liberty University and an M.Ed. in Leadership for Higher Education from Capella University.
(478) 757-3514

Bonnie P. Quinn

Executive Director for Institutional Effectiveness
The Executive Director for Institutional Effectiveness (EDIE) is responsible for institution-wide grants management, institutional and programmatic accreditation, assessment and planning, and to provide professional development activities in support of institutional effectiveness and operational planning; conduct web-based and traditional internal and external survey administration, compilation, and production of effectiveness and evaluation reports as requested by internal and external stakeholders; and provides supervision for student support initiatives. Ms. Quinn holds an MA from Arizona State.
(478) 471-5184

Sam Lester

Professional Development/Special Projects Director
The Professional Development/Special Projects Director is responsible for working with faculty and staff in an effort to improve their efficiency and productivity through self-development opportunities. Provides faculty and leadership development training as best practices and policies evolve in postsecondary education. Responsible for coordinating special projects such as, internal and external agency student success projects, program reviews, and faculty performance reviews. Mr. Lester holds an M.Ed. from the University of Georgia.
(478) 218-3247

Melodi Robinson

Director for Research and Compliance

The Director for Research and Compliance is responsible for the execution of duties necessary
to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal requirements including Institution and
programmatic accreditation; also, this position is responsible for performing data review and
management in support of grants, special projects including the quality enhancement plan and
student progression, internal surveys, and occupational program planning and assessment. Ms.
Robinson holds a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) credential and an MA from
Liberty University.
(478) 757-3494

Cissie Creekmore

Administrative Assistant
(478) 757-3424