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Alongside our friends at FAE in Curitiba, Brazil, Global Initiatives is excited to soon welcome faculty-led study abroad to Brazil for students in Business and Logistics Management Programs. Thanks to the U.S. Department of State’s Increase and Diversify Education Abroad for U.S. Students (IDEAS) Program, which aims to develop and expand study abroad programs around the world, CGTC was able to develop this program. 

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Faculty and staff will spend Summer 2025 planning activities for the courses. The division anticipates a week-long itinerary in Brazil traveling in May 2025.

While the study abroad experience is designed for students in Business Management and Logistics Management, opportunities to enroll in the courses may become available to students whose program offers space for an occupational elective.

Earned credits are transferrable to other 4-year institutions throughout Georgia.



The Office of Global Initiatives anticipates the program cost to be between $3,200-$3,800 per student, excluding tuition and fees. Cost includes airfare, in-country travel, most meals, room accommodations, required insurance, and trip protection. Students will be notified of full program costs as they become available. 

Learn more about the program and costs here: Study Abroad Curitiba_Brazil Presentation



Students must have a valid U.S. passport, not expiring within 3 months of travel in order to participate in any Global Initiatives Study Abroad program. Visit, the U.S. Passport Information to apply. *The State Department has experienced delays. Any student interested in traveling abroad should apply for a passport immediately, even if not deposited on a trip. 

Participants in any Global Initiatives program must adhere to all health and safety guidelines of our partner institutions, organizations, and their countries. All participants in study abroad programs must complete an assumption of risk document prior to travel. 

The Office of Global Initiatives regularly monitors travel advisories related to health and safety from the U.S. State Department. 



Click on the link here to submit an interest form for study abroad. The Office of Global Initiatives will communicate the next steps for students. CGTC Global Initiatives Study Abroad Interest Form.



Read the CGTC Campus News article to learn more about how this program started and continues to grow. 

Business and Logistics Faculty Return from Brazil Ready to Work on Study Abroad to Brazil 2025 

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