Important Dates

PDF 2023-2024 Important Dates

The ‘Posting Date’ shown in the charts below is the date funds are scheduled to be posted to a student’s account in Banner; it is not the date funds are loaded to a student’s debit card or bank account.

Scheduled posting dates to student BANNER Web accounts of refund dates may be subject to change due to:

  • Late submission of required documents;
  • Technical issues (hardware/software) that may cause a delay in processing;
  • Scheduling adjustment needed (determined by Administrative Services);
  • Non-availability of funds in the event of a federal or state government sequester.

Be advised that if you have not met required deadlines for applying for aid or submission of required documents this will result in:

  • a delay in the processing of your financial aid, and
  • your book award may not be available by the above posted end date, and
  • you will need to make other arrangements to pay for books and supplies required for your classes at the bookstore.