Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)


WIOA stands for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act which is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market. WIOA is a federally funded program and is designed to serve dislocated workers, adults, and youth who need training to enter or re-enter the labor market. Youth include in-school youth completing their High School Diploma with the CGTC Academy Dual Achievement Program and out-of-school youth completing their High School Equivalency credential (GED, HiSET) with the Adult Education Division. The WIOA funds are administered specifically through services geared toward helping disadvantaged citizens obtain meaningful employment. Applicants must intend on returning to the work force once they have completed their training program.


  • Retraining Services for Dislocated Workers
  • Financial assistance with costs associated with occupational skills training that may include payments for:
    • Tuition and Fees
    • Textbooks
    • Uniform and Tools
    • Immunizations and background checks
    • Required Program Supplies
    • Licensure/Certification Expenses
    • Job Shadowing/Work Experience
  • Daily Transportation Stipend based off round trip mileage
  • Career Counseling and Job Search Assistance through Career Services and the One Stop Centers-DOL
  • Follow-Up Service after graduating from your program and obtaining employment.

Additional support services are available based on individual eligibility and WIOA policy.


  • View the local list of WIOA eligible programs of study at CGTC (WIOA Eligible Programs List)
  • Review the basic eligibility list below to see if you pre-qualify to receive WIOA services
    • Are you a full-time student?
    • Are you unemployed?
    • Are you unemployed as a result of plant or company lay off or facility closure?
    • Are you on a low-income budget and receiving government assistance?
  • Complete and submit the WIOA Pre-Screening Form. This pre-screening is received by a WIOA team member who will follow up with you as soon as possible with any additional questions or requirements needed. The form is also available as a PDF.
  • Meet with a WIOA team member for orientation and initial consultation to determine program eligibility. If determined to be eligible, provide 4-6 weeks for the application process to be completed and approved. Please note that each student’s situation is different and may require additional processing time. To ensure eligibility is prior to the start of a semester, the following timeline is suggested: 
  July 1st   Fall Semester
  November 1st   Spring Semester
  April 1st   Summer Semester



Note: Students at the VECTR center should communicate with the WIOA team member located at VECTR for specific due dates related to the accelerated programs. Final grades from the in-progress semester may be required depending on program of study.

WIOA Eligibility Requirements:

  • The participant must reside in Baldwin, Bibb, Crawford, Houston, Jones, Monroe, Peach, Pulaski, Putnam, Twiggs, or Wilkinson counties to receive WIOA services through Middle-Georgia WorkSource Georgia Offices. If you do not reside in these counties, please contact the Worksource Georgia Career Center serving your county of current residence. 
  • The participant must meet the income requirements per WIOA regulations. 
  • Participants meeting eligibility requirements and who apply to the program are required to complete the WIOA application, provide all required documents, respond to all contact attempts, and agree to one-year follow-up after completion of the program. 
  • Once approved for WIOA you will be required to complete a WIOA orientation with a WIOA Career Advisor and agree to accept monthly contacts with your assigned WIOA Career Advisor to assist you with your goal of graduating and securing employment. Then, once you become employed, we will continue to assist you for an additional year to help retain and improve your employment. You can complete a Quarterly Follow-Up Form here.


Qualifications to receive WIOA assistance depends on the following criteria:

Adult and Dislocated Worker, if enrolled in an occupational credit program:

  • Age 18 or older
  • Enrollment in WIOA eligible occupational program (WIOA Eligible Programs List)
  • Completion of at least one semester of college classes or completely selected into health science program
  • GPA of at least 2.5
  • Desire to obtain full-time employment
  • Type and level of program of study

Out-of-School Youth, if enrolled in Adult Education services (i.e., GED, HiSET):

  • Age 16-24
  • Not enrolled in a middle or high school
  • TABE ABR 3 or higher in all three areas
  • Not enrolled in other educational programs or schools
  • Have the desire and commitment to participate in Adult Education training
    until next level completions and participate in work experience opportunities
  • Additional details available on the Youth Success Academy page.

In-School Youth, if enrolled in the CGTC Academy Dual Achievement Program (i.e. DAP):

  • Age 14-21
  • Enrolled and attending the CGTC Academy dual achievement program 
  • Not enrolled in another middle or high school
  • Enrolled in occupational programs
  • Have the desire and commitment to participate in DAP training until completion and participate in work experience opportunities

WIOA is not an entitlement program; therefore, services are not provided to everyone. Our ability to serve you depends upon the following: availability of funds to aid; eligibility based on WIOA Selection policies & regulations; WIOA approved program of study; and determination & qualifications necessary to graduate and obtain training-related employment. Final approval is made by the Middle Georgia Consortium Inc. (WorkSource Georgia-Middle Georgia).


Do you have additional questions about WIOA? Stop-by a regularly scheduled WIOA orientation presented weekly by our WIOA Career Advisors on each of our campuses and online. 

  Mon.   1 – 2 PM   Milledgeville   A-127
  Tues.   10 – 11 AM   Online   WebEx
  Wed.   1 – 2 PM   Macon   J-189
  Thurs.   10 – 11 AM   Warner Robins   A-131

WIOA Department Staff:

Warner Robins Campus

Carnell Clark
Building A, Room 131
(478) 476-5235

Tiaja Tillman
Building H Room 4
(478) 218-3354

Carolyn Clark (evenings)
Building A Room 131
(478) 218-3205

Macon Campus

Nadia Perkins
Building J Room 146
(478) 218-5253

Genia Wells
Building J, Room 144
(478) 476-5147

Milledgeville Campus

Bonita Macklin
Building A Room 128
(478) 476-5136


Nakeisha Robinson
Room 126
(478) 218-3921

Joh-Nika Ivory
Room 126
(478) 218-3942

CGTC is a partner with WorkSource Georgia Middle-Georgia, and the regional One-Stop Centers at the Department of Labor locations.