Aerospace, Trade & Industry

Welding Student

The Aerospace, Trade and Industry programs prepare students for exciting and lucrative careers in a wide range of high demand occupations. Students will learn theory and knowledge needed to be successful and will get hands- on experience using the same state-of-the art equipment utilized in the industry of their choice. Whether you are interested in one of the craft trades like carpentry, welding or precision machining & nanufacturing technology, or one of the technical programs such as aerospace, or you want to command an 18 wheeler over the open road, all of our programs are designed to prepare you to successfully launch your new career.

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AI Enhanced Robotic Manufacturing Specialist
Air Conditioning Technology
Aircraft Structural Technology
Automotive Collision Repair
Automotive Technology
Aviation Maintenance Technology
Commercial Truck Driving
Construction Management
Diesel Equipment Technology
Electrical Systems Technology
Electronics Technology
Engineering Technology
Industrial Systems Technology
Metrology (Measurement Science)
Precision Machining & Manufacturing Technology
Welding and Joining Technology

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