Retraining Tax Credits

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The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) is the authorized approval agency for the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit Program . The objective of the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit Program is to foster the profitability and competitiveness of Georgia’s existing businesses and industries by encouraging workforce development through retraining tax incentives. Employers who pay income tax to the State of Georgia can earn a state income credit for eligible types of employee retraining and meet the following conditions:


  • Retraining for those who without training would be displaced
  • Introduction of new technologies – implementation of new equipment and/or operating systems such as workplace re-engineering, total quality management, ISO 9000 standards, and employee involvement programs
  • No cost to the employee either directly or indirectly through forfeiture of leave time, vacation time, or other compensable time

Georgia Code allows for a tax credit equal to one-half of the cost of retraining per full-time employee, or $500 per full-time employee, whichever is less, for each employee who has successfully completed an approved retraining program. For purposes of the retraining tax credit, employee means any worker involved in the direct labor and his/her immediate supervisor. Executive training, management development training, career development, and/or personal enrichment training is not included.


For additional information, please visit If you need further assistance, please contact the TCSG Retraining Tax Credit Approver, Brandy Wilkes at or 229-560-3793.