Net Price Calculator

What is a Net Price Calculator and how does it work?

The Net Price Calculator provides a prospective full-time, first-time degree, diploma or certificate seeking student and his/her family with an estimate of total educational costs to attend Central Georgia Technical College along with an estimate of financial assistance a student may be eligible to receive. The calculator uses the colleges’ cost of attendance (tuition, fees, books and supplies, room and board) and the financial data that the student/student’s family enters in the calculator and evaluates the student’s eligibility for financial aid.

How does the Net Price calculator assist students?

Based on the information that each student enters in the calculator the estimate will assist him/her in determining possible costs and out of pocket expenses to attend CGTC.

Getting Started

Completing the calculator should only take a few minutes of your time. You will be asked basic questions about your/your family’s income so you may want to your current tax returns on hand before you begin. This is not a financial aid application. All students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA ) in order for eligibility to be determined for federal and state financial aid.

Net Price Calculator – Access calculator now

Note: It is not recommended that a student use a net price calculator as the only determining factor for choosing a college or estimating educational costs. The estimate provided by this tool does not represent an actual example of current year net costs or financial assistance; figures are based on previous year numbers of cost of attendance and financial aid. The average cost of attendance and financial aid availability change from year to year. The estimate is not a binding contract between CGTC and the student.