Online Classes

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Distance Education

The Distance Education program at CGTC includes a variety of course offerings including online courses, blended courses, and telepresence courses.

Online Courses

Online courses are delivered through a course website and allow students to complete most or all their coursework from home, at work, or even while traveling. Our online courses provide our students the same high quality courses offered in our traditional classroom setting. Please note, some online courses require campus visits for exams and/or hands-on labs and some require proctored assignments. Please contact the course instructor or program chair for details on individual courses. Please review the technology and skill requirements to help you determine if online classes are a good fit for you.

Blended Courses

Our blended courses provide students with a mixture of on campus and online coursework. There are several blended course types available at CGTC including courses that are a majority online and majority on campus.

Telepresence Courses

Telepresence courses are on-campus or blended courses where the on-campus portion of the course is delivered via audio/video-conferencing technologies. Students may attend a telepresence course from a variety of CGTC Campuses or Centers.

TeleFlex Courses

TeleFlex courses are Telepresence Courses with an online attendance option. With a TeleFlex course, students may register for an online TeleFlex section and view synchronous lectures remotely.


The eCampus platform allows students from across Georgia to enroll in online courses offered by any Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) college, providing students access to programs that may not be available at their home college. Upon completion of the eCampus course, students will earn credit at their home college.