Advisory Committee

The program advisory committee provides expert support to the program by promoting interaction between the program and business and industry professionals. Support focuses on planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating the occupational program. It functions in the following ways:

  • provides recommendations regarding existing diploma/degree course offerings. 
  • provides advice regarding learning outcomes and curriculum content to ensure that courses relate to present and future employment needs. –makes suggestions regarding modifying, adding, or deleting course offerings. 
  • supports standalone certificates and diploma/degree programs through public relations activities. 
  • makes recommendations regarding the design and use of physical facilities. 
  • makes recommendations regarding the selection and maintenance of equipment. 
  • assists in the evaluation of program effectiveness, job development, program promotion, evaluation in relation to standards, program advocacy, and industrial support of the program. 
  • submits its recommendations regarding programmatic changes to the appropriate state-level technical committee for review on an annual basis.

Advisory Committee Meeting minutes are available on request at

Members of the Cyber and Related Programs Advisory Committee:

  • Dr. Jonathan Yerby, Mercer University, Advisory Committee Chair
  • John Cozart, Robins Federal Credit Union
  • Siggy Tetteh, Houston Healthcare
  • Jennifer Altman, Houston Healthcare
  • Michael Collins, Total Computer Solutions
  • Andrew Robinson, Invision Technologies, Inc.
  • Charles Hively Rome Research Corporation
  • Sharon Berryhill, Croop-LaFrance, Oneida Indian Nation
  • Tiffany Andrews, Workforce Development – Middle Georgia Regional Commission