Procedures & Plans

Corresponding TCSG Policy CGTC Procedure/Plans
Office of Primary Responsibility
2.1.1. (I. B.) Statement of Equal Opportunity 2.1.1.a.p (I. B. 1.) CGTC Non-Discrimination Policy Executive VP/HR
2.1.2. (I. A.) Mission Statement/policies/Mission.htm 2.1.2.a.p (I. A. 1.) CGTC Mission Statement POF
2.3.2p (I. F. 3.) Presidential Responsibilities 2.3.2.p.a.p (I. F. 3. a.) CGTC Strategic Planning VPIE
2.3.3. (I. F. 3.) Strategic Planning 2.3.3p.a.p (I. F. 3. a.) Organization Structure POF
2.3.4. (I. E. 3.) Technical College Accreditation 2.3.4.a.p (l.E.3.a.) CGTC Accreditation Policy POF
2.3.5. (I. E. 3.) Technical College Accreditation 2.3.5.a.p (I. E. 3. b.) CGTC Substantive Change Policy  VPIE
2.3.6 Accreditation Reporting Standards 2.3.6.a.p Accreditation Reporting Standards
2.4.1.a1. (I. D. 1. a.) Local Board Bylaws 2.4.1.a.p (I. D. 1. a.) CGTC Responsibilities and Authority VPIE
2.4.1.a1. (I. D. 1. a.) Local Board Bylaws 2.4.1.a1.a.p (I. D. 1. a. i.) CGTC Bylaws POF/Executive VP
3.1.10. (II. A. 2. g. ii.) Petty Cash Funds 3.1.10.a.p (II. A. 2. g. ii.) CGTC Petty Cash Funds VPAFS
3.1.12. (II. A. 2. g. iv.) Cooperative Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.12.a.p (II. A. 2. g. iv. 1.) CGTC Cooperative Nonprofit Organizations VPAFS
3.1.16. (II. B.) Purchasing 3.1.16.a.p (II. B.) CGTC Purchasing VPAFS
3.2.1. (II. E. 1.) Intellectual Property 3.2.1.a.p (II. E. 1. a.) Development and Use of Intellectual Property Exec. VP/VPAA
3.3.1. (II. C. 1.) Maintenance for Campus Facilities 3.3.1.a.p (II. C. 1. a.) CGTC Maintenance AVPFAS
3.3.2. (II. C. 2.) Use of Vehicles 3.3.2.a.1p (II. C. 2. a.) CGTC Use of Vehicles VPFAS
3.3.2p DOAS Motor Pool 3.3.2p.2p Mileage Reimbursement VPAFS
3.3.7. (II. C. 7.) Tobacco Use 3.3.7.a.p (II. C. 7. a.) CGTC Smoking Executive VP
3.3.9. (II. C. 9.) Inventory Management 3.3.9.a.p (II. C. 9. a.) CGTC Inventory VPAFS
3.3.11. (II. C. 11.) Severe Inclement Weather 3.3.11.a.p (II. C. 11. a.) CGTC Severe Inclemental Weather AVPFAS
3.4.1. (II. D. 1.) Emergency Operations and Safety Plan 3.4.1.a.1p (II. D. 1. a.) CGTC Emergency Operations and Safety Plan AVPFAS
3.4.1p1. (II. D. 3. a.) Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens 3.4.1p1.a.2p (II. D. 3. a. i.) CGTC Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens AVPFAS
4.1.3. (III. C.) Job Descriptions 4.1.3.a.p (III. C. 1.) CGTC Job Descriptions Exec. VP/HR
4.1.4p (III.D.) Categories of Employment 4.1.4p.a.p (III.D.3.) Faculty Role VPAA
4.1.8. (III. R.) Instructional Work Assignments 4.1.8.a.p (III. R.) CGTC Teaching Load Procedure VPAA
4.5.2. (III. U. 6.) Leave 4.5.2.a.p (III. U. 6. a.) CGTC Online Leave System Procedures Exec. VP/HR
4.9.5. (III. U. 8.) Staff Development 4.9.5.a.p (III. U. 8. a.) CGTC Professional Development VPIE
5.1.7. (IV. I.) Warranty of Degree, Diploma, and TCC Graduates 5.1.7.a.p (IV. I.) CGTC Warranty of Degree, Diploma, and TCC Graduates VPAA
 6.3.2p. (V. R.)  Student Records Retention Schedule 6.3.2.p.a.p  CGTC College Catalog Retention Procedure  VPSA
Professional Appearance Exec VP/POF
Budget Procedures VPAFS
Contract for Training
Development and Approval of Policy and Procedure Exec VP/POF
Hazardous Materials AVPFAS
Institutional Divisions POF

POF: President’s Office
Exec. VP: Executive Vice President
VPIE: Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
VPAA: Vice President for Academic Affairs
HR: Human Resources
AVPFAS: Assistant Vice President of Facilities and Ancillary Services
VPAFS: Vice President for Administrative Financial Services
VPSA: Vice President for Student Affairs