Central Georgia Technical College Development and Approval of Policies and Procedures at the College Level

Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) and the Local Board of Directors follow, adhere to, and support the policies and procedures of the State Board of The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) except in cases where the State Policy and Procedures Manual is silent.

The President is the principal designated official for the implementation of the Technical College System of Georgia policies and procedures.

The primary responsibility for proposing College level policies rests with the President; however, policies may be proposed by any member of the Board, by a faculty or staff member with the approval of the President.

The President, or a designee, shall regularly review the policies and make recommendations, in writing, for new policies or changes.

When the Board and College leadership adopts any new policy statement, the new policy preempts and covers all previous statements appertaining thereto.

The President, or a designee, communicates the new or revised policy/procedure to the College community.

State Board of TCSG Policy Manuals and Central Georgia Technical College Policy Manuals are on the websites of the Technical College System of Georgia and Central Georgia Technical College.

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Policy: Development, Approval and Review of TCSG Policies and Procedures