Central Georgia Technical College Budget Planning and Implementation Procedures

  1. Central Georgia Technical College receives funding for and manages three complementary Budget Planning and Execution Cycles.

    1. Capital Improvement and Major Equipment Budget Planning begins with the development of the college's long range Strategic Plan and its Facilities Master Plan. Annual objectives identified in these plans are supplemented by collegiate operational improvement requests by division managers in their budget development cycles. Each year, College needs for succeeding years (two years in the future) are sent to DTAE and to the State OPB through the Performance Accountability System (PAS), and Capitol Outlay Budget Request System.
    2. Federal Carl Perkins funds are provided to states to improve vocational education and are managed by the Department of Technical and Adult Education. The college's annual Local Application for the funds is developed by and for the use of the Instructional Services and Student Services Divisions with the staff assistance and post-approval management of the Institutional Effectiveness Director.
    3. The General Operating budget of Central Georgia Technical College consists of State funds, appropriated to the institution by the Department of Technical and Adult Education, and local funds from tuition, fees, and other operational sources. These funds are used for salaries, facility operations and maintenance, and program supplies and equipment needs. These funds are distributed to the College's operating entities (divisions, directorates, departments) based on annual budget requests developed in a bottom-up approach within each division. The Vice President of Administrative Services, acting as the college's Chief Financial Officer, reviews the budget requests, and asks for any additional information or clarification. The Vice President of Administrative Services then compares the budget requests with available funds and presents the budget requests to the President. The President reviews the proposed budget and after discussion with the Vice President of Administrative Services approves the operating budget. Divisions are notified by the Vice President of Administration of original budget awards and any additions or reductions.
  2. Additional federal, state, and local grants may be obtained for specific operational purposes by each division upon approval of the President and review by the Vice President of Administrative Services for compliance with all state and federal budgetary, financial, and audit requirements.
  3. All budgets, grants, and awards are submitted to the CGTC Board of Directors for approval prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. Monthly budget execution is tracked and reports are provided to the President and the Local Board noting budget adjustments, additions and reductions, and any new contracts and/or grants. The board is also presented with information regarding the percentage of funds expended and remaining for each budget item.