Dual Enrollment Instructor at CGTC Earns Dual Recognition

April 27, 2018

Warner Robins, Ga. – Criminal Justice instructor, Dr. Cheronie Blunt, recently garnered a pair of awards being named Houston County’s 2018 General Educator of the Year by the Council for Exceptional Children, for her instruction in Central Georgia Technical College’s (CGTC) Dual Enrollment program at the Houston County Career Academy (HCCA), and HCCA’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.

Regarded by HCCA principal Sabrina Phelps, to be a believer in the importance of instructing her students on career planning and value of understanding all people, Dr. Blunt began a critical relationship for students at the school.

Partner’s Club, led by Dr. Blunt, built a relationship between students in the Transition Academy and regular education students across the county. Through her direction, transition students have participated in class activities including watching the solar eclipse and listening to class speakers. The criminal justice partners are supportive cheerleaders at Special Olympics, and each month plan activities to support their relationships.

Phelps said Dr. Blunt exemplifies the true meaning of being a teacher for all students.

“As a technical college instructor in the dual enrollment program it has proven to be an immensely beneficial experience,” said Blunt, on her recognition and being the first Dual Enrollment CGTC instructor to be awarded the Career Academy’s teacher of the year.

“Teaching dual enrollment encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone, prepared me to adapt to change, to be an agent of change for students that don’t see their full potential, and to teach from my heart, not just from the books. I truly believe that students do not care how much you know but how much you care about them knowing. I love my students and the opportunities that I have been given as their teacher.”

Blunt said her passion for making lasting impressions on the lives of others helped guide her transition to dual enrollment instruction, which came with some intimidation. Unlike higher education, secondary carries with it bells, block schedules, and a litany of other adjustments.

During the Career Academy’s recent faculty meeting, Phelps presented the award to Blunt in front of her colleagues with both institutions. She said she is grateful to the Career Academy teachers and staff for all their support and selecting her as their representative.

 From left to right: HCCA principal, Sabrina Phelps and Dr. Cheronie Blunt stand together after Blunt was named HCCA’s Teacher of the Year.

[Photo] From left to right: HCCA principal, Sabrina Phelps and Dr. Cheronie Blunt stand together after Blunt was named HCCA’s Teacher of the Year.