$3…2..1.Go!: CGTC Wants to Help You Cut Costs for College

July 19, 2021

CGTC Student uses saw in construction labWarner Robins, Ga. – It’s no secret that great-paying jobs are waiting on highly-skilled and well-trained employees right now in Georgia. Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) graduates can fill this workforce need, so the College has created a plan to help students greatly reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses, and step into a career in two years or less.

CGTC’s $3…2..1Go! initiative is asking students to get started or return back to the certificate, diploma, or degree program that they may have put off because of the expenses associated with college.

 Local citizens and industries alike have experienced income challenges and employment needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day, more and more industries pursue qualified college graduates for employment. The College has always stepped up to support industry by equipping students with quality technical education and training to meet area employment needs.

The College is taking another step to meet workforce needs by proactively engaging with students to develop a plan to reach educational goals with the smallest cost possible. Depending on the program of study, it is possible to pay ZERO tuition. High-demand career programs are eligible for additional funding that greatly reduce a student’s expenses. Other funding may also be available to students that can help eliminate out-of-pocket costs for many students. Now is the time that a student can train for a high-demand career and graduate debt-free!

We know people want to achieve their educational goals and enter a long-term career,” said Dr. Janet Kelly, assistant vice president for Enrollment Services, Marketing and Public Relations.

“We also know that there is a real barrier for many students to pay for the costs associated with higher education. CGTC offers a great value at just $100 per credit hour for the training and education that is needed to fill good-paying jobs currently waiting on graduates in Georgia. Now, the value of technical education is even greater and we hope the $3…2..1.Go! can help more students achieve their goals and gain a meaningful career that lasts a lifetime.”

Qualified students who enroll at CGTC will have the option to accept up to $321 this Fall semester to help offset costs.

“This is a really incredible offer,” said Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) Student, Rachel Brown. Brown serves as the 2021 GOAL Student of the Year for CGTC and is pleased to see the College finding innovative ways to support students financially.

“I recently graduated from a health science program at CGTC. Several Health Sciences diploma and certificate programs are HOPE Career Grant eligible, which means very little to no out-of-pocket expense for tuition. This $3…2..1.GO! campaign means that CGTC is giving more students the opportunity to graduate debt-free, or very close to it. I would advise anyone to find a program that can help you eliminate debt and get to a good career. It’s time to go for it.”

Students who apply to CGTC and are accepted may be eligible for additional funding that assists with costs associate with college. These funds can be applied directly to student account balances. Students are highly encouraged to apply for federal and state aid through the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). There are multiple financial aid sources to help pay for College including the HOPE Grant, HOPE Career Grant, Pell Grant, HOPE Scholarship, and WIOA as a base to cover tuition and fees can mean that a student’s out-of-pocket costs are greatly reduced or completely eliminated. Each student’s individual aid package may vary.

For more details visit, www.centralgatech.edu/321go

Photo: CGTC student uses a saw in the Construction Lab on the Macon campus. Construction is one of many HOPE Career Grant funded programs that together with $321Go can greatly reduce out-of-pocket costs for students.