Jones County Awarded $3 Million College & Career Academy Grant

December 10, 2018


Grant project team members from JCCA and CGTC. Atlanta, Ga. – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, along with the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), recently presented Jones County High School College and Career Academy with a grant of $3 million to build a workforce engine for Jones County Schools.

Lt. Governor Cagle praised the partnership between local school systems, technical colleges, and industry, which has proven effective in increasing student achievement and workforce development across our state. Because of Lt. Governor Cagle’s initiative, there will be 47 College and Career Academies in Georgia. Over 20,000 students are already enrolled in College and Career Academies throughout Georgia, boosting graduation rates as high as 99%.

“Our students deserve every opportunity for academic success – and with the creation of Georgia’s next four College and Career Academies, we are one step closer to ensuring students across our state have access to these world-class learning institutions,” said Lt. Governor Cagle. “These school systems have embraced innovation in the classroom, bringing business and community leaders together to ignite economic growth for many years to come.”

“Jones County College and Career Academy is bringing together leaders from our community to develop a skilled workforce that will allow our economy to thrive for years to come,” said Senator Burt Jones. “I’m proud of Jones County Schools, our local industry, and the many partners who are making this significant investment in educating our students for the jobs that will lead our community’s growth in the future. Our College and Career Academy Network is transforming education across Georgia – and the results continue to benefit our community.”

“This partnership between Central Georgia Technical College, Jones County Schools, and our business community will develop rewarding opportunities for our students long into the future,” said Senator David Lucas.  “I’m confident Jones County College and Career Academy will continue to make our county and the state of Georgia a better place by creating jobs, investing in our students, and preparing members of our community with the skills to achieve professional and academic excellence.”

College and Career Academies are effectively developing programs to train high school students for in-demand careers. Students find that challenging, hands-on programs provide greater relevancy and value, which not only lead to higher graduation rates but also rewarding professional opportunities. The specified training for students is attractive to local businesses, and communities prosper from the highly trained and skilled workforce.

Jones County High School College and Career Academy:

In partnership with Central Georgia Technical College, the mission of Jones County College and Career Academy is to create a career pipeline that improves economic development and the quality of life throughout Central Georgia with innovative academic and skills training programs. With plans to offer 17 pathway programs for students by integrating employers into classroom environments, this academy is aligning school curriculum with workforce needs to benefit both local business partners, as well as high school students. Jones County College and Career Academy is actively taking steps to provide students with the skills necessary for professional success by offering career education, job shadowing, internships, cooperative education programs, and apprenticeships.

Photo: Grant project team members from JCCA and CGTC.  *Photo courtesy of JCCA.

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