Drug Conviction

Federal Aid

Beginning with the 2021-2022 year, the U.S, Department of Education is removing the suspension of eligibility for Title IV aid, (Pell, SEOG, Federal Work Study, Federal Direct Student Loans) due to a drug conviction that occurred while receiving Title IV aid. Since the 2021-2022 year FAFSA is already in the processing cycle, the drug conviction question will remain on the FAFSA until the Department phases it out in the next year cycle. Institutions will ignore any flags or comment codes related to the previous drug conviction requirement and will not request resolution actions from the student. Institutions will proceed to award and disburse Title IV aid to students if they are otherwise eligible.

State Aid

The drug conviction requirement remains in effect for State aid (all HOPE funds). The requirement is included in State of Georgia regulations and can only be removed or changed by State legislative action.