Engineering Technology Students at CGTC Return from Expo with Fresh Perspective

February 8, 2019

Warner Robins, Ga.Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) students in the Engineering Technology program attended the 2018 Fab Tech Expo in Atlanta late last year, returning to campus with newfound connections and fresh perspectives on their academic program and employment opportunities.

FabTech Expo, the largest manufacturing exhibition in North America, hosts world-class suppliers, and industry trendsetters displaying new products and developments across their field. The expo is also a great networking opportunity for students to meet with prospective employers.

A grant from the U.S. Department of Education funded the trip for the College’s students. The grant aims to strengthen minority-serving institutions.

“The FabTech expo not only exposed students to the state-of-the-art and upcoming advancements in the manufacturing industry, but it also exposed students to the scale of opportunities available to them upon completion of their degrees,” said Garrett Sisk, the program chair for Engineering Technology at CGTC. “The size of the expo and the diversity of suppliers from around the world afforded students an opportunity to see things on a truly global scale, one in which they will eventually be working.”

The students that participated in the trip are a part of a program offered to Engineering Technology students called ProActive Student Success (PASS). This student support program focuses on helping students immerse and engage in their major of study. PASS provides peer bonding, career coaching, and hands-on interactions that promote graduation attainment.

Sisk said students who participated were a mixture of first-year traditional and non-traditional students. Engineering Technology is a non-traditional career program promoted by the College’s Special Populations Office. Special Populations staff provide support services to special population students including non-traditional majors in an effort to alleviate barriers that hinder successful completion of courses and employment.

The Fab Tech Expo trip’s success has already sparked plans to attend the annual event again.

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