CGTC RN Students Introduce Robins AFB Brig. Gen. Hammerstedt to Nursing Daily Regimen

April 21, 2021

Brig. Gen. Hammerstedt listens to lung sounds next to CGTC RN Student, Michel Pickard. Warner Robins, Ga. – Warner Robins-Air Logistics Complex Commander Brig. Gen. Jennifer

Hammerstedtrecently visited Central Georgia Technical College’s (CGTC) Warner Robins

campus to learn about the programs CGTC has

available to her present and future industrial workforce. 

While there Brig. Gen. Hammerstedt had an opportunity to see some of the

advanced technologies CGTC embeds in

their programs.  In the Registered Nursing (RN) lab, for example, an upcoming graduate walked her through patient

care for one of the clinic’s most notorious patients.

His name is Sim Man, and he’s a little rigid when you first meet him, but that’s how all mannequins can be.

Students in their clinical rotation, running hospital simulations within the RN program, hone their skills using state-

of-the art mannequins. Those like Sim Man respond to treatment, make natural body sounds, bleed artificially, and

can even give birth.

Senior student and LPN at Houston Healthcare, Michel Pickard, handed over the stethoscope and gave Brig. Gen.

Hammerstedt a first-hand listen.

“I introduced her to the patient and we were listening to lung sounds,” said Pickard. “Our mannequins are interesting;

they actually have sounds and I just wanted to give her the opportunity to listen to those lung sounds.”

Pickard shared Brig. Gen. Hammerstedt’s reaction to hearing the sounds, indicating she was impressed with the life-

likeness of the mannequins.

“It’s really impressive to see the technology used to educate our future professionals,” Hammerstedt said. “I

appreciate the opportunity to meet with students and learn about what they are doing here in the Middle Georgia


It just so happened, Pickard was there fulfilling leadership hours mentoring junior students, which is a requirement

within the RN program.

Her leadership as a student stood out to her instructor Ashley Rivers.

“I think teaching is exactly what Michel did,” Rivers said. “She stepped up and showed Brig. Gen. Hammerstedt that

these mannequins are our patients, and we are actually treating them as we would anyone. Right in front of one of

Warner Robins’ most respected leaders, Michel showed she can break down what we do and make it make sense for

someone who isn’t in the healthcare world every day.”

To experience the Sim Man like Brig. Gen. Hammerstedt, click on the link here (headphones recommended):


Photo: Brig. Gen. Hammerstedt listens to lung sounds next to CGTC RN Student, Michel Pickard.