CGTC Awarded U.S. Department of Labor Grant for Workplace Safety and Health Training

October 16, 2018

Warner Robins, Ga. – The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced in a recent press release the award of $9.3 million in Susan Harwood federal safety and health training grants to 74 nonprofit organizations nationwide including, Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC). The College received $163,781 in funding under the grant’s Capacity Building Developmental designation for OSHA training to small businesses.

Under the grant, CGTC – the only technical college in Georgia to receive funds – proposed to establish a Regional Safety Training Center to deliver OSHA training to small businesses in its eleven-county service area.

CGTC, through its Economic Development division, plans to deliver over 1,900 hours of health and safety training to targeted employers, workers, and those seeking immediate employment in the construction, manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing industries. Training will begin in January and will be offered through September of 2019.

“With this grant and the establishment of CGTC’s Regional Safety Training Center, the College will be able to significantly increase the availability of safety training for small businesses in the central Georgia region. This grant presents a great opportunity to offer free health and safety training that will impact individuals, businesses, and communities in a positive way,” said Andrea Griner, vice president for Economic Development at CGTC.

The award announcement further details how initial training topics from the College will cover the most frequently cited OSHA standards by industry. Training will be provided in English, Spanish, and other languages based on an industry-specific needs assessment conducted by the College. Training will be delivered in-person and/or via distance education and will be offered in multiple locations. CGTC plans to provide training for at least 390 participants through this initiative.

Information about the Susan Hardwood grant can be found in the official OSHA National News Release titled, “U.S. Labor Department Awards Workplace Safety and Health Training Grants to Assist in Educating Workers, Job Creators”, on its webpage at

For more information on the College’s Economic Development division, contact Andrea Griner at