CGTC Barbering Students Cut Hair for Back-to-School Event

July 27, 2017

Warner Robins, Ga. – With an art classroom as a make-do barber shop, Barbering program students from Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) cut hair for kids at the Houston County Board of Education’s (HCBOE) 8th annual Back2School Bash last Friday at C.B. Watson Primary School.
“This is a win-win all around for these students,” said CGTC barbering instructor, Leon Towles, who said being involved with the community is part of what a barber is all about.

“These activities promote community involvement, they get people knowing about CGTC and its programs, and its builds a reputation that gets students clientele,” he said.

Cutting hair for community events is nothing new for students like, Rodney Taylor, who is in his third semester of the live-work program. Taylor has already cut hair for senior adults at a nursing home and youth campers at a Steve Harvey sponsored camp, and now has the Bash to add to the list.

He said that he did not expect community service to be a linchpin of the barbering program, but he is pleased to be giving back.

“Giving back is something I really don’t mind doing. Every event Mr. Towles has taken us to has been for a good cause. You get out to meet people and they get to know you,” Taylor said.

In getting to know Taylor, clients might find out that he spent a little over 8 years in the Army and Marines. He values service, even a new kind.

“I’m doing it directly for the people now, I love it,” he said. “Especially at an event like this for kids; I’m all about it.”

The community Taylor and the students were serving were “all about it” too.
Jennifer Stripling, who brought her son to get a haircut, had this to say.
“Free haircut? I was like hey, that works!”

Stripling was even more pleased to see those giving the haircuts were CGTC students, like herself. Stripling is enrolled in Business Administrative Technology, and said she is glad to know many of the programs at CGTC serve, and give back.

“This is a good learning experience for anybody in those programs and its good for the community”, she said.

Barbering students have been invited to cut hair for other upcoming community back-to-school events, but their participation depends on student class schedules.

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Barbering and cosmetology services, including cuts, styles and relaxers are provided daily on the College’s three main campuses.

Rodney Taylor, a barbering student at CGTC cuts Nathan Stripling’s hair at the Houston County Board of Education’s 8th Annual Back2School Bash.

Rodney Taylor, a barbering student at CGTC cuts Nathan Stripling’s hair at the Houston County Board of Education’s 8th Annual Back2School Bash.