Peer Tutors

The Academic Success Center employs peer tutors to work with the professional tutors to promote and encourage student success and lifelong learning and study skills.



The Peer Tutor nominee should:

  • demonstrate above average scholarship
  • possess a firm understanding of the subject(s) to be tutored
  • demonstrated high standards of character
  • have above average communication and human relation skills
  • exhibit enthusiasm for learning and personal growth


In addition to valuable work experience, the peer tutors will:

  • receive training in tutoring techniques
  • expand their own skills and knowledge as they help their fellow students
  • work toward certification by a national tutoring association
  • obtain mentoring from professional tutors
  • develop teamwork skills interacting with faculty, other tutors and students

For Students

In order to become a Peer Tutor at the Academic Success Center, you must be recommended by one of your instructors. If your instructor informs you that you have been recommended, please submit a Peer Tutor job application with Human Resources.

For Instructors

To recommend a student to become a Peer Tutor at the Academic Success Center, please complete the Peer Tutor Recommendation Form and submit to the Academic Success Center Coordinator.