Medical Professions Transfer Pathway Program

Here is Your Path to Medical School as a Titan graphic.

Through a partnership with Trinity School of Medicine, CGTC offers a unique way to enter the medical profession. Starting right here in Central Georgia with an associate’s degree, you can make your way to the Eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and return to OUR Community to make a difference as a highly-trained medical doctor. Just 77 semester hours stand between YOU and YOUR dreams of entering medical school. Learn more below about the affordability, flexibility, and pace of starting your journey to medical school as a Titan.

Here are your steps: 



Students who enroll in the pathway post-high school can complete required coursework within five semesters, or about two years. Georgia residents may be eligible for HOPE funding to help cover tuition costs. Apply here.



High school students in eleventh grade can begin dual enrollment with CGTC to earn credit toward this pathway, with up to 30 credit hours of tuition paid by State of Georgia Dual Enrollment Funding. Learn more about Dual Enrollment at CGTC by visiting, High School Initiatives



The College community has a growing international student population and with the Lofts @ Houston Central, a 265-bed student housing complex in Warner Robins, YOU have accommodations that support medical school. 

For information on international admissions requirements visit, International Admissions



Complete coursework to earn an Associate of Science (AS) Degree in General Studies and a Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) in Healthcare Professions. Here is a breakdown of the courses: A.S. in General Studies for Medical Professions Transfer

As you are completing coursework, YOU may be eligible to Study Abroad with CGTC in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to help prepare you for medical school on the island. 



Guaranteed transfer from this pathway to Trinity School of Medicine’s Transition Term at its campus in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Eastern Caribbean. Once the Transition Term is completed with a 3.0 GPA or better, students may be promoted to the Doctor of Medicine program at Trinity School of Medicine.

Trinity School of Medicine is a fully accredited Caribbean medical school that trains and produces skilled physicians. Accredited by CAAM-HP since 2015, the primary accrediting authority for Caribbean medical schools, enables Trinity graduates to participate in the residency match processes in the United States and Canada, as well as apply for residencies and licensure in both countries.


The College is ready to enroll and support its first medical doctor-in-training. 

PROGRAM ADVISOR: Ekaterina Mirzakulova