Cut out college debt completely!

More money for tuition, less debt for your future!

Are you low on cash? Are you still searching for ways to help pay for college? $3… 2.. 1..GO! is a new initiative from the College that includes additional funding to greatly reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs. Train for your essential career now at CGTC.

The first step is to Apply to CGTC and let one of our helpful admissions staff members walk you through the process of becoming a Titan. Next, discover programs that can help you reduce tuition costs and the ways the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and multiple other financial aid sources, can help you greatly reduce or eliminate costs for your education. Then, as part of your financial aid processing, you will be advised to Check the Box for up to $321 in supplemental aid for the Fall semester to further offset costs. It’s that simple!

$3…2..1Go! FAQ’s

How do I pay ZERO tuition?

Funding to help offset tuition costs is available to all enrolled students. To help reduce costs as much as possible students should take advantage of all available sources of funding, including the FAFSA for federal aid (Pell, Student Loans) and HOPE. Students who pursue degree programs use HOPE Scholarship. However, all eligible students can use HOPE Grant for diploma and certificate programs. If using HOPE Grant, you may be eligible for additional funds through the HOPE Career Grant program which focuses on high-demand, essential career programs. For a list of programs eligible for additional funding, click here: HOPE Career Grant  If you are enrolled in a HOPE Career Grant program, you can pay ZERO tuition! Additional funding sources may be available to you such as WIOA. Each student’s individual aid package may vary.

How do I apply to the College and receive $3…2..1Go! assistance?

The application process for the College is still the same. Visit, “Apply to CGTC” at the top. All you need to submit is your high school transcript, or high school equivalent diploma. There is no application fee and no placement testing requirement. An admissions representative will help to guide each student through the application process and advise of any additional documents that may be needed. When applying, students should also fill out the FAFSA to ensure timely processing for financial aid.

Are ALL students eligible for $3…2..1.Go?

Most students enrolled in credit courses are eligible for ARP HEERF 3 emergency grants. Students classified as transient students at CGTC, or enrolled in Re-Entry/Department of Corrections programs/courses are not eligible for the emergency grant.

What if I am already a Current CGTC Student, am I ELIGIBLE FOR $3…2..1.GO?

Yes, this program is for all students, not just new applicants. Any eligible student enrolled in a credit program is eligible for $3…2..1. GO! Awards amounts may vary based on the student’s individual aid eligibility. Like every year you attend CGTC, you must apply for aid to receive the most assistance. As a part of the financial aid process, you will be advised to accept or Check the Box for the $321 credit to be applied to your account. More information will be provided to current students via student email.

What if I am not enrolled in a HOPE Career Grant Program?

If you are not enrolled in a HOPE Career Grant Program, you may have out-of-pocket costs not covered by aid. However, the $3…2..1. GO! program provides some amount of grant assistance to all students, regardless of program major. Even if you have some remaining out-of-pocket expenses, this new program can help you! The time is now to enroll to take advantage of this new, temporary program.

What if my entire costs are covered by Pell, HOPE, or other aid?

If your aid covers your costs for tuition, fees, books, etc., the amount you may be eligible for through the $3…2..1. GO! program will be refunded to you through your selected method. For easiest processing, students are encouraged to set up an account with BankMobil, the College’s third-party partner for providing refunds.