ASC Workshop Schedule

Schedule for Spring 2018

Workshops are held at 12:30pm, 2:30pm, and 4:30pm on each date (unless otherwise noted). Each workshop lasts approximately 40 minutes.
Workshops are FREE for CGTC students!


Studying 101

01/29/2018 Milledgeville (D-103)
01/30/2018 Macon (D-126)
02/01/218 Warner Robins (C-101)


TKO: Test Knock Out

How to study and ace college level tests

02/19/2018 Milledgeville (D-103)
02/20/2018 Macon (D-126)
02/22/2018 Warner Robins (C-101)


Midterm Blues

How to tackle and overcome your midterm.

03/05/2018 Milledgeville (D-103)
03/06/2018 Macon (D-126)
03/08/2018 Warner Robins (C-101)


Career Goals vs. Education Goals

…and howto align them.

03/19/2018 Milledgeville (D-103)
03/20/2018 Macon (D-126)
03/22/2018 Warner Robins (C-101)


Acing Presentations

04/02/2018 Milledgeville (D-103)
04/03/2018 Macon (D-126)
04/05/2018 Warner Robins (C-101)


Final Round

Preparation skills and techniques used to ace the final.

04/16/2018 Milledgeville (D-103)
04/17/2018 Macon (D-126)
04/19/2018 Warner Robins (C-101)