ASC Workshop Schedule

Spring 2019 Workshop Schedule

Workshops are held at 12:30pm, 2:30pm, and 4:30pm on each date (unless otherwise noted). Each workshop lasts approximately 40 minutes.
Workshops are FREE for CGTC students!



01/07/2019 Milledgeville (D-103) *3:00 PM
01/07/2019 Macon (D-124) *9:00 AM
01/07/2019 Warner Robins (C-101) *11:00 AM


Study Smarter, Not Harder: Tips to Improve Study Habits

Learn the importance of developing effective study habits.

01/14/2019 Milledgeville (D-103)
01/15/2019 Macon (D-124)
01/17/2019 Warner Robins (C-101)


TKO! Test Knock-Out

How to deal with test anxiety and reduce stress; learn effective test taking strategies.

01/28/2019 Milledgeville (D-103)
01/29/2019 Macon (D-124)
01/31/2019 Warner Robins (C-101)


Read to Succeed

Reading comprehension and note taking strategies.

02/11/2019 Milledgeville (D-103)
02/12/2019 Macon (D-126)
02/14/2019 Warner Robins (C-101)

Goal and Time Management. Self-Motivation

Learn to use your time wisely, plan effectively, prioritize and complete goals.

02/25/2019 Milledgeville (D-103)
02/26/2019 Macon (D-126)
02/28/2019 Warner Robins (C-101)

Write Your Way to Better Grades

How to write college papers.

03/11/2019 Milledgeville (D-103)
03/12/2019 Macon (D-126)
03/14/2019 Warner Robins (C-101)


What’s After Graduation?

Options after graduation, planing for your career.

03/18/2019 Milledgeville (D-103)
03/19/2019 Macon (D-126)
03/21/2019 Warner Robins (C-101)


Finals and How to Ace Them

Get tips to help you recharge and finish the semester strong.

04/08/2019 Milledgeville (D-103)
04/09/2019 Macon (D-126)
04/11/2019 Warner Robins (C-101)

Note:  These workshops are presented by staff from Mercer University TRIO program