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Smarthinking is a student-centric service that supplements on-campus and on-line courses. It allows students to interact with tutors online to receive one-on-one tutoring and is easily accessible over the Web during the “off-hours.”

Private one-on-one tutoring from the Academic Success Center and Smarthinking allows students to get help when they need it! Visit the Academic Success Center or log into Smarthinking today.


Student Login to Smarthinking

1. Go to the Student Portal:
2. Log in with student email/network credentials
3. Select “Resources” in left column
5. Click on the green “Log In” button
6. System check occurs (browser/software compatibility)
7. Now you are ready to go!


Smarthinking Resources

Smarthinking Student Resources and Video Tutorials


Smarthinking Support

(866) 321-1004