Technical Helpdesk Request

The CGTC Helpdesk Request (formerly the CGTC Technical Support Request) form has moved to the CGTC Student Portal. In addition to submitting technology requests this same form can be used to submit requests to several other departments including Admissions, Registrar, and Financial Aid. Additional departments will be added to this form to provide one simple place to find help. You can access the portal by entering into the address bar of your browser or you can access the Helpdesk Request form directly by going to into the address bar of your browser.

To log into the CGTC Student Portal you should use your network (email) user name and password. Your username is usually your first initial, part of your last name, and a number. Your password is set to your six digit birthday (MMDDYY) by default. If you have trouble logging into the CGTC Student Portal please call the CGTC Helpdesk and they can help you find your username and reset your password.

The CGTC Helpdesk can be reached by calling (478) 757-3519.