II. D. 5. Professional Appearance

Central Georgia Technical College conducts educational programs to prepare students for employment. Working in the dynamic environment of higher education involves constant interaction with students, business and industry representatives, and the general public. Faculty and staff are expected to project professionalism in their dress and appearance as an example for students in CGTC's learning and workforce preparation environment and as a means of enhancing the image of CGTC in the community.

No procedure on professional appearance can adequately cover every possible combination of acceptable clothing, but this document provides a general framework to help guide employees in making decisions. Employees are encouraged to use good judgment about what is appropriate and to consult with their supervisors or HR regarding specific questions about the application of this procedure.

Daily Business Attire

Business attire should be worn daily (Monday-Thursday) and should reflect positively on the college and the employee. Proper business attire guidelines will be observed regardless of whether or not classes are in session.

Guidelines for acceptable daily business attire:

Women: skirts, blouses, sweaters, slacks, khaki pants, dresses, dress shoes or work appropriate shoes, blazers and jackets as appropriate for meetings with customers, community partners, or stakeholders

Men: dress pants, dress shirts, collared shirts, khaki pants, sweaters, dress shoes or work appropriate shoes, suit/jacket and tie as appropriate for meetings with customers, community partners, or stakeholders.

Note: Employees issued CGTC uniforms (i.e. Police/Security and Maintenance/Custodial Staff) and employees following uniform requirements prescribed by CGTC clinical partners for clinical classes are exempt from the above guidelines. Additionally, employees working in industrial laboratory environments and employees working to install or repair college equipment (i.e. Information Technology Staff) are exempt from the above guidelines when the supervisor deems that such an exemption is appropriate.

Casual Friday Attire

Casual attire may be worn each Friday, unless the occasion/schedule calls for business attire.

Guidelines for acceptable casual Friday attire:

Inappropriate Attire


The Vice President of each division is responsible for monitoring and enforcing this procedure. The procedure will be administered according to the following action steps:

  1. If questionable attire is worn by an employee, the immediate supervisor will hold a private discussion with the employee to advise and counsel the employee regarding the inappropriateness of the attire.
  2. If an obvious procedure violation occurs, the Vice President or his/her designee will hold a private discussion with the employee and ask the employee to go home and change his/her attire immediately.
  3. Repeated procedure violations will result in disciplinary action.

To request an accommodation to this procedure, refer to TCSG Procedure III.V.13, Reasonable Accommodations.


Revised August 2015