Reference: Central Georgia Technical College Contract for Training

Whereas, Central Georgia Technical College has a need for staff specially trained as identified below; and

Whereas, __________________________, has the desire to improve his or her skills and receive the benefit of such special training; and

Whereas the cost of this special training is substantial; and

Whereas, the parties want a clear understanding of the terms, conditions, and consequences of the valuable and unique training opportunity in the central Georgia Technical College is providing to ____________________;

Wherefore, the Central Georgia Technical College and___________________ hereby agree as follows:

The Central Georgia Technical College will allow __________________ to attend the special training described below during normal work hours and shall pay the associated expenses, including tuition, meals and travel.

[Description of specialized training]

The total cost for this specialized training is estimated to be approximately $_______.

___________________ agrees to apply their full attention, skills and time to the training in order to receive the most benefit, including any certification, from this course.

____________________ agrees that upon returning from this specialized training he or she will continue to work at the Central Georgia Technical College for at least six months, if the expense to the College for the specialized training is $1000 or less, or for a period of at least 12 months if the expense to the College for the specialized training is more than $1000.

If________________ leaves the employ of Central Georgia Technical College prior to the expiration of the agreed-upon time,______________ understands and agrees that he or she must refund the full cost of the above-referenced specialized training, including all related expenses. Any such sums due the College may be deducted from any monies otherwise due ______________ by way of salary for work performed or accrued leave. In the event that a set off of salary is insufficient to retire _________________ obligation to the College the amount still owing shall be a lawful debt.

Only the president of the College is authorized to excuse_________________ from the obligations set forth herein.


President, Central Georgia Technical College