ASC Workshop Schedule

Schedule for Fall Semester 2017

Workshops are held at 12:30pm, 2:30pm, and 4:30pm on each date (unless otherwise noted). Each workshop lasts approximately 40 minutes.
Workshops are FREE for CGTC students!


Welcome to College!

Introduction to college for adults and college students seeking good grades.

08/21/17 Milledgeville (D-103)
08/22/17 Macon (D-126)
08/24/17 Warner Robins (C-101)


TKO: Test Knock Out

How to study and ace college level tests

08/28/17 Milledgeville (D-103)
08/29/17 Macon (D-126)
08/31/17 Warner Robins (C-101)


Priority 1!

How to prioritize studying, create, and complete goals.

09/11/17 Milledgeville (D-103)
09/12/17 Macon (D-126)
09/14/17 Warner Robins (C-101)


Midterm Blues

How to tackle and overcome your midterm.

09/25/17 Milledgeville (D-103)
09/26/17 Macon (D-126)
09/28/17 Warner Robins (C-101)


What’s Your Superpower?

…and how can it improve your grades? Discovering your learning style.

10/16/17 Milledgeville (D-103)
10/17/17 Macon (D-126)
10/19/17 Warner Robins (C-101)


Online Classes vs. Campus Classes

What’s the difference and how to tackle each one.

10/30/17 Milledgeville (D-103)
10/31/17 Macon (D-126)
11/02/17 Warner Robins (C-101)


Final Round

Preparation skills and techniques used to ace the final.

11/13/17 Milledgeville (D-103)
11/14/17 Macon (D-126)
11/16/17 Warner Robins (C-101)