Registered Students – 10 Things to Know

Once you are registered and set to start classes, here are a few reminders to keep in mind.

Know When The First Day of the Term Starts!

Especially important is to know when your first day of class is. You must be aware of the attendance policy of each class, as they may differ.

How to Read Your Schedule from BannerWeb (Days of the Week):

M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
R = Thursday
F = Friday
S =Saturday
TR = Tuesdays AND Thursdays
MTWRF = every day of the week

How to Read Your Schedule (Location of Classes):

B = B Building in Macon/ B wing in Milledgeville
T = Trailers (class meets in one of the new trailers)

If You need to Drop a Class:

Students may drop courses through the third day of the semester through the BannerWeb Student System. Courses dropped by the third day of the semester are not included on a student's academic history and no tuition and fee charges are incurred. Courses may be added through the fifth day of the semester.

If you have not finished your Financial Aid application process, do so today!

It should have been done before the term started. If you change anything about your enrollment, like your major or the number of credit hours you are taking, check how it will affect your Financial Aid.

Check your CGTC email regularly through accessCGTC.

Your email is located within accessCGTC.

Use Bannerweb to check your record.

Bannerweb is your tool you use to update your information, such as your address, check your grades, register for classes, check on Financial Aid, apply for a book vouchers, and check your charges, just to name a few.

Make sure your contact information is CORRECT!

This is how we will know where to send your Cougar Card and also how we know where to call or email you with important information.

Become familiar with the college catalog.

As a student, YOU are responsible for knowing the policies and information contained in the catalog. The catalog is available on the CGTC webpage.

Become familiar with the requirements for your Program of Study or Major.

Every program and major is listed in the catalog. Every student must see their program advisor each term for advisement. This helps the student know exactly what they must take in order to finish their program on time.

If you need help, go to the Student Support Center.

Located in the J building on the Macon campus, the Center is available to help students with all services including advisement, registration, financial aid, directions, student ids, orientation, and many other services. Their email address is and the phone number is (478) 757-5295.




A consolidated area for orientation for future and current students including enrollment, registration, academic, and technology resources.