Registrar's Messages

Students Need to Know

Program Change

Students desiring to change their major must submit a Request for Program Change Form to the Admissions/Student Affairs Office. This form is available online. One program change per semester is allowed.

Note: A change in program can affect the length of time or number of terms required to complete your program and graduate. Additionally, a change in program can affect your eligibility to receive Financial Aid, VA or other assistance.

Withdrawal Policy

Any student who registers for a course must either complete the course requirements or officially withdraw prior to the midterm date of the semester. To withdraw from one or more courses, the student must complete an official withdrawal form online at the Student Secure Area. A student should not assume that non-attendance constitutes official withdrawal. The published midterm date of the semester is the last date an Official Withdrawal Form may be submitted to the Registrar's Office. It is recommended that students see their academic advisor before withdrawing or dropping from a course(s) or from the college.

A student who officially withdraws from a course prior to midterm is assigned a grade of W. There is no grade point average (GPA) penalty assigned.

Students withdrawing consecutively two terms will be subject to academic suspension. Students on academic warning or probation and withdraw are subject to a probation or suspension status respectfully.

Withdrawing can affect any financial aid, VA or other assistance a student is receiving. Students are advised to check with the Financial Aid Office to understand the effect of withdrawing has on his/her specific financial aid. Information is also available on the Financial Aid Office website. Contact the VA or Special Populations Office for information regarding other aid programs.

Tuition and student fees are assessed for withdrawn courses.

Drop Period

A student can remove a class or classes thru BannerWeb by the third day of the semester and incur no academic penalty or tuition/fee charges.



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