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Health Occupations Aptitude Examination

The PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Exam is comprised of five separate tests that measure abilities, skills, knowledge and attitudes important for success in the program and career choice. The examination is the result of requirements and needs expressed by education professionals responsible for preparing qualified, competent health care professionals.

Part I - Academic Aptitude
Academic aptitude as measured by the total (combined subtests), might be thought of as a type of ability to learn. The test content is specifically adapted for appraising the combination of innate and acquired abilities that are needed for work of an academic nature. The academic aptitude total emphasizes familiar experiences and concepts while requiring careful reasoning and the capacity to comprehend and draw conclusions.

Verbal: The verbal aspect consists of 30 vocabulary-related test questions. Empirical evidence has shown this type of test item to be highly related to academic success.

Arithmetic: The numerical aspect consists of 30 items drawing largely from arithmetic. To some degree, it involves skill with arithmetical concepts along with computational speed. The content of the numerical items is that to which practically all eighth grade students have been exposed.

Nonverbal: The nonverbal aspect consists of 30 test items calling for a comprehension of form relationships. Measurement is in terms of the ability to manipulate "things" mentally, to reason out differences in pictured objects, and to deal with concrete materials through visualization. Recognition of relationships and of differences has been shown by research to be basic to learning aptitude.

Part II - Spelling
The spelling test measures skill with a tool essential to written expression or communication. It also reflects educational achievement in basic tools of learning. This section consists of 60 questions.

Part III - Reading Comprehension
This test measures ability to understand direct statements, interpret written content, see the authors intent, observe organization of ideas, and to extract information from written material with respect to ideas and purposes; thus to read and comprehend what is read. This section consists of 50 questions.

Part IV - Information In The Natural Sciences
Measurement with this test concerns accumulation of information in the natural sciences, i.e., biology, chemistry, health, safety, etc., at a fundamental level. The relationship of knowledge in the area of the natural sciences to the course of study of the allied health educational program is an obvious one. There are 90 questions in this test section.

Part V - Vocational Adjustment Index
The person's characteristic life style is reflected in his or her distinctive educational and occupational adjustment. Feelings, attitudes, opinions, and other personality characteristics and behavioral traits, which may be quite acceptable in many situations, may not be those desirable for the prospective healthcare professional either as a student or as a practitioner. There are 90 questions in this test section.

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PSB Tests - PSB's Health Occupations Aptitude Examination can predict an individual's readiness and capability for successful completion of the educational program designed to prepare qualified health care personnel.

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