Types of Aid

Scholarships and Grants

Georgia's Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant Award (SIWDG)

Students who are receiving the HOPE Grant may also be eligible for additional financial assistance from Georgia's Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant (SIWDG) Award for the following TCSG programs:

Major Code Major Description Award Level
PN12 Practical Nursing Diploma
CT61 Commercial Truck Driving (1 term only) Certificate
ECC2 Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma
JP11 Java Programmer Certificate
CP24 Computer Programming Diploma
IS64 Internet Specialist - Web Site Design Diploma
NS14 Networking Specialist Diploma
CS91 Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician - Advanced Certificate
CT91 Computed Tomography Specialist Certificate
ET81 Electrocardiography Technology Certificate
HPC1 Hemodialysis Patient Care Specialist Certificate
MC41 Medical Coding Certificate
MF21 Medical Front Office Assistant Certificate
MLS1 Medical Language Specialist Certificate
MRI1 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialist Certificate
PB71 Pharmacy Assistant Certificate
PR21 PC Repair and Network Technician Certificate
PT21 Phlebotomy Technician Certificate
PT22 Pharmacy Technology Diploma
PT42 Polysomnography Technology Diploma
ST12 Surgical Technology Diploma
FS31 Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder Certificate
GTA1 Gas Tunsten Arc Welder Certificate
OSM1 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder Certificate
GM31 Gas Metal Arc Welder Certificate
PW11 Pipe Welder Certificate
VSM1 Vertical Shielded Metal Arc Welder Fabricator Certificate
WAJ2 Welding and Joining Technology Diploma

To qualify, a TCSG student must be fully admitted to the college, enrolled in one of the above programs and receiving the HOPE Grant for the same term. The amount of the SIWDG Award is a fixed amount for each term of enrollment:

Program of Study Enrolled Hours Award Amount
Commercial Truck Driving 9 or more $1000.00
All other programs in chart shown above: 9 or more $500.00
  3 to 8 hours $250.00
  1 to 2 hours $125.00