Student Refund Information

Have you submitted all your documents for financial aid? If yes, you may be eligible for a refund. If you have not submitted your documents by the due date for the 1st round of refunds, your award(s) and refund will be processed in a later round.

If you have been awarded financial aid, and your award exceeds your cost of attendance (tuition, fees and bookstore charges), you may receive a refund. To find out if you are eligible for a refund refer to your award letter or check your financial aid information online using BannerWeb. In addition, you must complete the Banner Web Student Authorization for Charges:

  1. Enter BannerWeb using your Banner ID and PIN.
  2. Click Student Services, Financial Aid, and Registration.
  3. Click Student Authorization for Charges and follow the links for HOPE and PELL.
Sample BannerWeb Student Authorization for Charges

See Important Dates/Loan Dates Charts for disbursement and refund scheduled dates.


Cougar Card* Refunds will be available to eligible students through a bank issued debit card. Students that choose to receive the refund by debit card must have a valid address on file.
Students that receive refunds through direct deposit may continue to do so upon request. [ CGTC Cougar Card ]

Note: Unexpected computer problems or delays with banking processes cannot be predicted.


updated December 7, 2012