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Important notice to students receiving both Pell, Loan, and HOPE Grants:

Due to changes in the Georgia State Law regarding the Georgia Hope Grant (for Diploma and Certificate programs) students are now required to maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to continue to receive the HOPE Grant. Once grades are submitted at the completion of each term, HOPE Grant eligibility must be determined before the HOPE Grant can be awarded and a book voucher authorized for the next term.

The new HOPE Grant GPA calculation must include all coursework (not just CGTC) in which students have been paid HOPE Grant funds. Learning Support and Dual Enrollment courses are excluded from this calculation. This will include USG (University System of Georgia) schools. If a student has attended another college(s) of which a transcript(s) has not been previously required or submitted, such transcript(s) must be obtained for those courses to be included in the GPA calculation to determine eligibility for the HOPE Grant. HOPE Grant funds cannot be awarded until all transcripts, if applicable, are received and eligibility is determined by the HOPE Grant calculation process.

Book Vouchers are available to eligible students for purchasing required books and supplies in the campus bookstore. Eligible students do not have to request book vouchers online. All vouchers are generated electronically to the bookstore during the voucher period. Click on the questions below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use my Book Voucher?

Who is eligible to use a Book Voucher?

Book Vouchers are available at the beginning of each term to eligible students. This allows students to use a portion of their Title IV funds to purchase required books and supplies for registered courses before classes begin and through the 2nd week of class.

How is my Book Voucher Authorized Amount determined?

An Authorized Amount will be determined by the student's eligibility, hours of enrollment, tuition/fee charges and other types of aid received (if applicable). The Requested Amount and the Authorized Amount may not be the same. The Authorized Amount will be the amount of book voucher funds the student will be able to use to purchase required books and tools for registered courses.

Important Note: In the event that verification, hours of enrollment, change of program or any other factor that would cause a change in the student's eligibility occurs after the book voucher funds have been used, the student will be responsible for charges that are not covered due to the decrease in aid eligibility.

How much funds can I use toward my Book Voucher?

The maximum amount a student can use for a book voucher is $800.00. Check book prices first! You can check book prices online at the CGTC bookstore.

Be advised the amount you spend on your Book Voucher comes out of your Title IV Awards and refund. It is not additional monies. Tuition and fees must be deducted from financial aid awards first in order to calculate a student's book voucher eligibility. Based on the amount of aid a student is eligible for and the number of hours the student is enrolled in per semester, the student may not be eligible for the full $800.00 maximum semester book voucher amount.

What reasons might keep my Book Voucher amount from being approved?

The following reasons can affect your eligibility:

  • You applied for Financial Aid late (after the deadline).
  • You have not turned in required documents.
  • You just turned in required documents and verification process is being performed.
  • You are in a program of study that is not Title IV eligible.
  • You are not registered for classes.
  • Your Title IV award amount does not cover your book cost. Tuition and fees are covered first.
  • You are not eligible for Federal Pell Grant or a Federal Direct Student Loan.
  • You are currently on a payment plan.

Can I use my Book Voucher to purchase my books online, or over the phone?

The College Bookstore offers two options for book purchases with vouchers.

  • Orders may be placed online and have books shipped (requires credit or debit card)
  • Purchases may be made in the two store locations

What items can I spend my Book Voucher on?

Financial Aid Vouchers are only to be used for required books and supplies for registered courses. First Priority – books and basic supplies (notebooks, pencils, pens, etc.)

What if I didn't get my books by the last day of the voucher period?

Purchase your books. A cutoff point has to exist so charges and financial aid disbursements can be finalized for the term.


Students may authorize Federal Pell, Federal Direct Loans, or SEOG Grant awards to pay student charges other than tuition and registration, activities, accident insurance, technology, and malpractice fees. These other charges may include application fee, late fee, parking fines and CGTC childcare fees. The amount of your financial aid refund will be reduced by the amount of these charges.

The student, may:

  1. Choose not to submit this authorization and therefore, you agree to pay all charges not covered by your student financial aid by the payment deadline each term.
  2. Cancel an authorization for the upcoming term. The cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Cashier.

The Student Authorization for Charges online process has the effect as your written signature. For more information regarding your awards paying for your charges, contact the Financial Aid Office. The authorization is required one time only.

To check your financial aid awards refer to: BannerWeb, Financial Aid section, your award letter, or contact the Financial Aid Office.

To go to the Student Authorization for Charges:

  1. Enter BannerWeb using your Banner ID and PIN.
  2. Click Student Services, Financial Aid, and Registration.
  3. Click Student Authorization for Charges and follow the links for Pell.

    PDF Sample BannerWeb Student Authorization for Charges

updated July 15, 2015