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Basic Eligibility Requirements for State Aid Programs

HOPE Grant


Eligibility Requirements (in addition to Basic Requirements)

HOPE Grant Award Amounts

Tuition Award:  For the 2013-2014 award year, the HOPE grant will pay $62.57 per credit hour toward tuition. The Tuition and Fee Chart shows the amount of tuition only that HOPE will pay per the number of credit hours the student is enrolled and the amount not covered by HOPE that the student will be responsible for.

What You Need to Know

GPA Requirements
Calculation Process

The student will be notified of eligibility status as soon as possible AFTER:

How This May Affect HOPE Awards and Pell Book Voucher Status

Until eligibility is determined, the next semester the student is enrolled after he/she has reached a checkpoint:

You may need to make other arrangements to purchase required books and supplies if eligibility cannot be determined by the book voucher end date.


PDF 2013 - 2014 Tuition and Fee Chart

* HOPE no longer pays for fees or books.

For more detailed information about this grant and other state programs, go to www.gacollege411.org.