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Student Financial Information

It is the sole responsibility of the student to complete the required financial aid process. To apply financial aid towards tuition and fee charges, students must be pre-approved for financial aid by . Students are responsible for costs exceeding financial aid awards. Any charges not covered by financial aid must be paid by or the student will no longer be registered or eligible to attend class.

  1. Complete the CGTC Financial Aid Application Process (Includes submission of ALL required documents).
  2. Application File must be processed by the Financial Aid Specialists.
  3. Eligible Students are mailed an Award Letter listing the maximum award(s) they are eligible to receive. Awards may be viewed in BannerWeb.

Third Party

If a student's employer or an agency has agreed to pay for tuition and fee costs, the student must submit a letter from the company/agency. Letters must be submitted by to the Cashier. The letter must:


Students that have had their classes dropped for non-payment may re-register upon paying a $0.00 late fee and tuition and fee costs.

Notification to the Student

Tuition and fee costs are calculated upon registering for classes. Students have the responsibility of knowing their tuition and fee costs and how to view that information through BannerWeb.

Pell Book Voucher

Pell eligible students no longer have to request Pell book vouchers or check their voucher status online. Financial Aid status must be complete and the Pell Grant award authorized before students can use the book voucher. Pell book voucher status for eligible students will be communicated periodically throughout the day to the bookstore electronically. The maximum amount for Pell book vouchers beginning Fall is $500.00 per semester. Be advised that tuition and fee charges are deducted from Financial Aid awards first in order to calculate Pell Book Voucher eligibility. Based on the amount of aid students are eligible for and the number of hours students are enrolled in per semester, students may not be eligible for the full $500.00 maximum semester book voucher amount. The last day to use the Pell Book Voucher is .

Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid awards cannot be applied to courses exempted, audited, or courses that are cancelled.
Students who withdraw from class are subject to the return of Title IV Funds and awards may be reduced. If you drop your classes you do not earn the awards.

Check Your Financial Aid Status

The Financial Aid Office has computers for students to check their financial aid status and student information.

Student computer labs are located:
Macon H252 & Academic Success Center
Milledgeville B109
Putnam General Core Lab
Crawford Media Lab

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Financial aid assistance is just that: assistance with the cost of your education.


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