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Mrs. Suzie Queue
Human Resources Manager
Sugar Pie Company
P.O. Box 12345
Culloden, Georgia 00000

Dear Mrs. Queue:

I wanted to take this opportunity to contact you, after our initial meeting on July 4,2007 regarding the Manager trainee program utilized by Sugar Pie Company. During our conversation, you suggested that I contact you once I graduated. I received my Marketing degree the end of August, and I am still very interested in working for your company.

My educational background combined with my Marketing, Sales, and Management employment experience would qualify me for this trainee program. My accomplishments include the development of innovative advertisement campaigns, extensive research into local retrial markets, as well as providing professional customer service.

I would like to meet with you, at your earliest convenience, to further discuss my credentials. I am looking forward to speaking to you regarding employment opportunities with Sugar Pie Company.


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