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Job Interview Makeover!

If your everyday style is more punk than proper, here is some information you should know before striding into a job interview. 

Despite the fact that body art and funky clothes are seen as hip and trendy in many of today’s social settings, this acceptance of nontraditional appearances does not carry over into the world of work. In fact, results from research conducted on the topic reveal that in interview settings, visible body art and nontraditional interview attire (including flashy jewelry and excessive makeup) can negatively affect a person’s chance of landing a job. 

What do these findings mean for job seekers in the real world? Even though body art and funky clothes have no bearing on how well you can fulfill job duties, it can hurt your chances of obtaining a job in the first place. MAKE YOURSELF OVER! By concealing body art and wearing traditional clothing, you avoid
harsh judgments about your appearance that can taint your interview. 

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