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Before you register yourself online, you should first see your advisor. Don't know who is your advisor?

Find out!
( It's on your Portal Welcome page )


  1. Click on the Student Services, Financial Aid, and Registration Menu, then Registration Menu.

  2. Select Add/Drop class option.

  3. Use the pull-down menu to select the term and click on Submit Term. lf you have any holds which prevent registration & add/drop, this information will be indicated here. (Click on View Holds to see these holds).

  4. You will be prompted for your Alternate PIN. Your Alternate [registration] PIN is not the same as the PIN you used to log into BannerWeb. You will be assigned a new Alternate [registration] PIN each term, which can be obtained from your advisor.

  5. If you are already registered for the term, your schedule will be displayed. You can search for open classes from this screen by clicking on the Class Search button. You may also directly type into the text box if you already know the CRN of the class you would like to take.

  6. Follow the instructions on the screen or click on the Help button, if you need help. It is best to search for open courses by using the Class Search screen from the Add/Drop Classes screen. You must select at least one subject to perform a search. Keep your search simple. Search on subject and one or two other search options only.

  7. Courses for which you are already registered and are still open will display on the search list, but will not have the check box to the left of the course. The results of a search will display courses that could result in time conflicts with already registered courses.

  8. After selecting a course, click on the Register button to register for the course. Clicking on the Add to Worksheet button will not reserve a space in the class.

Once you complete your registration, click on the menu button. Then click on Registration Fee Assessment.
If you have tried to register for a wrong term, you must return to the Registration Menu and Select Term.

Dropping A Class

  1. Go into the Add/Drop Classes screen where you can see your registered classes.

    There will be an "ACTION" column to the left of the course. Click on the down arrow in this column beside the course you would like to drop.

  2. A pull down menu will appear. Click on the words "Dropped On Web" or "Entry Error". "Dropped On Web" or "Entry Error" should now appear beside the course.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click the Submit Changes button. Your schedule should refresh with the course no longer showing.

Courses which were dropped from your schedule, but not by using BannerWeb: These are courses which were dropped from your schedule in the Registrar's Office or another administrative office. These courses cannot be re-added using BannerWeb. You must come to the Registrar's Office if you wish to re-add one of these courses.

To See or Print Your Class Schedule

  1. Click on Registration

  2. Use the pull-down menus to select the term and click on Submit Term.
    You can see or print your class schedule with day and times, meeting location, and instructor by clicking on the Student Detail Schedule button. you can also see your class schedule on a day and time matrix by clicking on the Student Schedule by Day and Time button.

  3. Use the Print icon on the tool bar at the top of the page to print your schedule.

Special Registration Needs

NEW - You may now request an override online for a class for which you do not meet the pre-requisites, but have been advised to take. There is a link at the bottom of the BannerWeb Registration page to request an online pre-requisite override.
PDF Instructions - [Screenshots] | [Flowchart]

If you need to do any of the following, you will need to contact the instructor teaching the class to obtain an override:

  • Register for a course for which you have not met the pre-requisites and you have not been advised to take
  • Register for a course which requires special approval
  • Register for a course which has already met its maximum capacity

Override Instructions (PASSWORD PROTECTED) -- Show your instructor this link if your instructor does not know how to give you a Permit Override for the above special registration needs.

Web Registration Error Messages-What They Mean


Time Conflict with ######

this course has a time conflict with a course already on your schedule

CRN ######

Use the pull-down menu in the Action field to drop the course causing the conflict, enter the new course CRN in the Add Class block, and click on Submit Changes

Preq and Test Score Error

this course has a prerequisite which you have not met. You may seek special permission to add the course from the Chairperson of the Department the Instructor teaching the course

NEW - You may now request an override online for prerequisite errors if you have been advised to take the class. There is a link at the bottom of the BannerWeb Registration page to request an online pre-requisite override.

PDF Instructions - [Screenshots] | [Flowchart]

Closed Section

the enrollment in this course has reached its limit

Maximum Hours Exceeded

you need overload permission to add this course to your schedule

Major Restriction

these courses are restricted to students in a corresponding major

Dupl Crse with Sec-######

this course has the same course number as a course already on your schedule


this course has a co-requisite. You must register for both courses at the same time by entering the CRNs in the Add Class block

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Merger Information

MGTC and CGTC merged on July 1, 2013 to become the new Central Georgia Technical College. Every student at MGTC should now have a new CGTC Student ID and student email account. This new student email account became available Fall Semester 2013. The old MGTC Student Email system is no longer available.