What is my PIN?
Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is initially set to the two digit month, two digit day, followed by the last two numbers of your birth year (MMDDYY).
For example, if you were born on June 5th, 1980, your PIN will be 060580.

You may reset your PIN using BannerWeb. The PIN must be a minimum of 6 characters long and a no longer than a maximum of 15 characters. You may use numbers and/or characters in your PIN.

If you can not remember your PIN number, you may use the BannerWeb "Forgot PIN" feature to reset your PIN. Go to the BannerWeb link, enter your Student ID or SSN, and then click on the "Forgot PIN" button. You will then have the opportunity to answer your security question and then select another PIN.

If you your PIN does not work or your PIN becomes disabled, please contact Technical support which is available from Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by calling Tech Support at (478) 757-3519 or by filling out the Technical Support Request.

If your birthday is incorrectly entered into Banner, you must notify the Admissions/Registrar to make sure your birthday is accurately reflected in Banner.

CGTC Technical Support - support@student.centralgatech.edu