III. U. 8. a. Central Georgia Technical College Professional Development

Compliance Statement

The Professional Development program of Central Georgia Technical College meets and exceeds the requirements set forth in the State Board of The Technical College System of Georgia.

Annual Plan

Each instructional and administrative staff member at Central Georgia Technical College is required to complete a Professional Development Plan annually. Individual plans are developed based on the individual's assessment of professional development needs. A minimum of 24 hours of professional development credit annually is required of faculty and 20 hours required for staff. These hours include mandatory training sessions such as Bloodborne Pathogens, FERPA, and Sexual Harassment, etc. Additional activities acceptable for professional development credits include business and/or industrial work experience, formal professional training for administrators and faculty, schools, seminars, workshops, college courses, visits to other technical colleges and others. Faculty and staff are encouraged to join professional organizations which promote their respective fields of expertise.


The approving agent/supervisor maintains the necessary documentation of professional development including individual staff plans, activities completed and verification of the completion of activities.

Professional Development for Support Staff

The support staff is provided appropriate professional development to enable them to experience growth in their job effectiveness.

New Faculty Professional Development

New full-time and part-time faculty are provided with professional development (orientation) to facilitate effective instructional delivery.

Annual Evaluation of Professional Development Process

An annual evaluation of the professional development process is conducted by the College's Director for Professional Development and results are used as a basis for implementing any necessary changes.

College Attendance

Employees enrolling in Central Georgia Technical College courses will not pay tuition and/or supply fee, but are required to pay for textbooks. Enrollment is on a space available basis and must be approved by the immediate supervisor.

Employees should first discuss their intent with their immediate supervisor who then informs the Vice President of the Division. The Employee should contact the Office of Human Resources to obtain pertinent information on fee waivers. (added 1/7/15)

Specialized Training

  1. Participation in training requirements for operation of equipment or for performance of specific functions which are a principal part of an employee's assigned duties is considered an official part of the employee's job.
  2. At the President's discretion an employee must enter into a written agreement for continued employment at CGTC for pre-specified number of months following completion of the training based on the following schedule:

    Cost of Training Length of Continued Employment
    $0 - $1,000 6 months
    greater than $1,000 12 months

If the agreement for continued employment is not met, the employee must refund the cost of such training, including all related expenses to CGTC prorated for the remaining months based on the above schedule. If such refund is not made, the balance will be deducted from any and all monies owed the employee including salary and leave balances. Any remaining balance will not be relieved if costs still remain outstanding.


Central Georgia Technical College Contract for Training

TCSG State Board Policy III U.8.Staff Development

TCSG State Board Policy V.K. Student Tuition and Fees