II. C. 1. a. Central Georgia Technical College Maintenance

Maintenance/Custodial Work Requests

Requests for maintenance and custodial work should be routed through an employee's supervisor, and then through appropriate budget authority personnel. A maintenance request form is located on the Central Georgia Technical College intranet. Requests will be prioritized and completed as soon as possible according to staff available. The following circumstances should be considered when requesting services:

  1. Maintenance and custodial personnel should not be approached directly unless the following conditions are present:
  2. For any other situation, please complete the form as described above.


Learning Environment/Housekeeping

An attractive, neat and uncluttered department facilitates learning. Good housekeeping practices should be an integral part of each program. Students are required to participate in clean-up as a part of their regular assignments.

Instructors should establish a written plan for daily clean-up. The plan should include all tasks that are required to maintain a clean, uncluttered department. The tasks should be evenly divided among students, with a rotation of students through each task.

Adequate, but not excessive, time should be scheduled for the performance of clean-up duties. Instructors should ensure that all clean-up duties have been performed; all tools, equipment and supplies are in the proper place; and the area is clean. No student should be allowed to leave for the day until dismissed by the instructor.

Instructors should see that their areas are properly secured before leaving school. This includes turning off lights and equipment and locking the doors.