II. C. 9. a. Central Georgia Technical College Inventory

The State of Georgia requires that a physical inventory of the College be conducted at least every two years. A departmental inventory will be provided to each department of items that were purchased or transferred. It is the department's responsibility to maintain their respective inventories and account for each item listed.

At any time a need to dispose of or transfer property exists, notify the Business Office to complete a surplus property inventory or transfer form. Equipment, supplies or items owned by the state of federal government which are no longer needed by Central Georgia Technical College are required to be transferred to a Surplus Property Distribution Center or other state agencies. Items cannot be sold or transferred to non-state agencies or individuals. An item listed on the Asset Management inventory records cannot be moved without a Central Georgia Technical College Inventory Transfer form complete. This form may be obtained from the business office or may be obtained electronically, and coordinated with the business office personnel responsible for these records.

All employees are responsible for all inventory under their control, and recorded on the Central Georgia Technical College Asset Management system. Employees are required to maintain adequate safeguards to ensure the proper protection from theft, vandalism, or misuse. Any employee terminating employment for any reason will be required to verify all inventory on the inventory records for their area as a part of the personnel exiting process. A determination of the employee's liability for any missing inventory will be evaluated at that time.