II. E. 1. a. Development and Use of Intellectual Property

It is the policy of the College that its faculty, staff, and students carry out their work in an open and free atmosphere that encourages publication and creation of intellectual works and other products without constraint but consistent with applicable laws and College policy. Accordingly College Policy governing ownership of intellectual property created at the direction of the College, for the use of the College, or if made through exceptional use of College resources is that ownership will reside with the College, whether a member of the faculty, a member of the staff, or a student, unless: at the time when the work originates, the President, Vice President of Instruction and the faculty, staff and/or student creator determine ownership and negotiate a written agreement concerning that property. These determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis. Exceptional Use of College Resources is defined as the provision of resources or support by the College for the creation of a work that is of a degree or nature not routinely made available to students or in addition to faculty/staff normal responsibilities and access.