Strategic Plan

Goal 1

Goal 1. Guarantee student access and the opportunity for success at all levels

Related Outcomes: 3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12; SC1,SC2,SC3,SC4,SC8,SC9,SC10,SC11,SC12


  1. Provide an affordable education that is accessible to customers within and beyond the College's service area
  2. Collaborate with local secondary school systems and other public and private partners to improve the education enterprise and seamless education in Georgia
  3. Improve the literacy rate and preparation for educational advancement in Georgia
  4. Integrate adult education more completely into the College
  5. Expand options and collaboration with the University System of Georgia and other four-year colleges and universities
  6. Assure the quality of instruction to enhance student success
  7. Offer meaningful student support services and activities which lead to a well-rounded college experience in support of student success

TCSG Related Goal(s): G1. Students; G2. Learning