Strategic Plan

Scorecard (SC measures)
Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) Scorecard Achievement

The College will achieve benchmarks and negotiated thresholds as indicated in the annual TCSG Scorecard. The Scorecard includes assessments related to:

Credit Programs:

  1. SC1. Retention Rate
  2. SC2. Graduation Rate
  3. SC3. Job Placement Rate
  4. SC4. FTE
  5. SC5. High School Enrollment

Economic Development:

  1. SC6. Customized Contract Training: Companies Trained
  2. SC7. Customized Contract Training: Trainee Contact Hours

Adult Education:

  1. SC8. Adult Enrollment in ABE/ASE/ESL
  2. SC9. Adult Education Completions by Functioning Level
  3. SC10. GED Graduates
  4. SC11. GED to Credit Programs: Transition Rate
  5. SC12. GED Entered Employment Rate